Cost of moving house reaches £11,000 - more than 40% of UK average salary

The cost of moving house has soared in the past year Credit: PA

The cost of moving house has soared by £870 over the past year - reaching an average of almost £11,000, a report has found.

Rising house prices have pushed up estate agency fees, conveyancing costs and stamp duty too - putting the typical cost of moving at £10,996, up nine per cent on this time last year.

The report, by Lloyds bank, also found that buyers in the south-east have been hardest-hit, with moving costs in London now standing at more than £31,000.

The increase reflects how moving costs have risen faster than wages have over the past 10 years, shooting up by 25 per cent compared to a 17 per cent rise in full-time earnings.

It means the total cost of moving now eats up 41.5 per cent of the UK's average salary of £26,500.

  • Stamp duty: £2,504 average costs - rise of 17% or £372

  • Estate agency fees: £404 average costs - 8% or £402

  • Surveyors' fees: £665 average costs - no rise

  • Home removal: £1,111 average costs - no rise

  • Conveyancing: £1,251 average costs - rise of 8% or £93

  • Energy performance certificate: £60 average costs - no rise