Davina McCall reveals how a fight with her friend helped her face her drug addiction

Davina McCall has revealed how a row with her best friend saved her life by forcing her to confront her heroin addiction.

The TV presenter, 48, said: "The drink and drugs were getting serious - not just a party thing any more - and I was a mess."

McCall wrote about the life-changing argument in edited extracts from her new self-help book, Lessons I've Learned, in the Daily Mail's You magazine.

Her best friend Sarah confronted her en-route to a concert, telling her: "I know you're lying to me and I know you've been taking heroin."

The Long Lost Family and former Big Brother presenter admits she was so angry at being called out that she "called her (Sarah) every name under the sun".

The pair patched things up and McCall attended her first Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting not long after.

She also writes about the death of her sister, Caroline, and how she does not fear dying herself.

She explained: "She passed away peacefully. The way Caroline handled herself, the way she helped all of us get through it and left us with a little piece of her, was so inspiring.

"After she died, I realised that I was not scared of dying any more."