Young married cystic fibrosis couple die five days apart

A young married couple with cystic fibrosis who bonded over their shared struggle with the illness on Facebook have died just days apart.

Katie Prager, 26, died on Thursday just five days after her husband Dalton, 25, passed away.

The pair met on Facebook in 2008 where they bonded over their battles with cystic fibrosis, although doctors warned against the couple meeting for health reasons.

However, Katie and Dalton met and eventually married in 2011, both aged 20.

The pair bonded over their shared struggle with cystic fibrosis Credit: Facebook

The couple were forced to live apart and the last time they saw each other was in July for their fifth wedding anniversary.

Katie's mother announced her daughter's death over Facebook on Thursday, saying her son-in-law "had prepared a place for his wife".

At the times of their deaths, Katie was living in Kentucky while Dalton was based in Missouri.

Both had received lung transplants for the disease, where mucus clogs the lungs making it hard to breathe, but these had failed.

Katie's mother said that Dalton had 'prepared a place' for his wife Credit: Facebook

While Dalton tried desperately to see Katie one last time before his death, his illness prevented him.

Katie's mother wrote on Facebook: "I truly believe Dalton had prepared a place for his wife, just as the pastor talked about yesterday at Dalton's service.

"I am thankful she got to spend time with her family Saturday, as hard as it was after watching her husband pass".

Dalton was unable to travel to see his wife one last time Credit: Facebook

She added: "Please pray for the family. Together, they are giving us all strength".

A YouCaring fund has raised over £23,000 so far to cover Katie's funeral costs.

The couple married in 2011 Credit: Facebook