Bus crashes on highway after passenger attacks driver with umbrella

A bus driver swerved off the highway and ploughed into three cars after a passenger attacked him with an umbrella after an altercation.

The incident in Istanbul, caught in CCTV, showed an altercation between the passenger and the driver before the vehicle moved off.

Moments later, the angry passenger returns while the bus is moving and hits the driver several times with an umbrella.

The attack caused the driver to fall forward and lose control of the vehicle.

The CCTV then shows passengers holding on as the bus smashes into oncoming vehicles on the other side of the road.

The bus crashed into three other vehicles on the opposite side of the road. Credit: RTV

After the bus comes to a standstill, other passengers restrained the attacker. He was later taken into custody.

Three cars were hit by the bus and 11 people, including the driver, were wounded in the crash in the Acibadem district of Turkey's biggest city on Friday.

The bus was badly damaged in the incident, with its windscreen completely shattered, while the crashed cars had to be towed away.

Traffic was stopped on the highway as the wrecked cars were towed. Credit: RTV

The English-language Hurriyet daily news reported that the driver and attacker had been arguing over opening the doors.