BBC biopic to show 'different side' of Barbara Windsor

A new BBC biopic for her 80th birthday is set to reveal a different side to Dame Barbara Windsor, the actress said.

The former EastEnders star said she did not know exactly what would happen in the 90-minute special, but expected that it would reveal untold parts of her life story.

Speaking at a lunch she hosted for charity Variety, she said: "You have a 'this is me Barbara Windsor' and everyone thinks that's who it is.

"But they've got through to the other part of me and so I'm very thrilled the BBC are doing it."

Dame Barbara with the Queen and Steve McFadden who plays her on-screen son Phil Mitchell. Credit: PA

The biopic is being written by former EastEnders writer Tony Jordan.

Called Babs, it will focus on the former Carry On star's lonely childhood, complex relationship with her father, and her failed marriage to Ronnie Knight.

She says she doesn't know who is playing anyone in the biopic, telling the Press Association: "All I know is they're doing auditions as we speak.

"I've loved working at the BBC and they gave me that wonderful chance to play my age [in EastEnders]."

"When they get it right they really get it right."