Florida Man arrested over theft of naked Donald Trump statue

One of the five naked Trump statues, one of which was stolen in Miami Credit: Reuters

Florida police have arrested a man on suspicion of stealing a naked statue of Donald Trump.

Pedro Rodriguez, 36, has been charged with grand theft and burglary over the disappearance of the distinctive artwork from a Miami street.

The statue has not yet been recovered.

Skateboarder Angel Pino told NBC News that he had witnessed a thief grab the statue and drop in into his car.

"I was like, 'let me go save Donald,'" he said. "He just pulled it and ran, so I just ran after him and said 'stop, stop!'"

He said that he noted the truck's license plate, after which police were reportedly able to identify Rodriguez as the vehicle's owner.

The statue is one of five identical figures showing the presidential candidate in the nude which created by an anonymous artist or art collective and have appeared across the US over the last month.

Figures were placed in locations including Los Angeles, Seattle and New York City.