Jeremy Corbyn follows Labour leadership win by paying tribute to murdered MP Jo Cox

Jeremy Corbyn has paid tribute to murdered Labour MP Jo Cox during a speech at the party's National Women's Conference, effectively his first engagement after being re-affirmed as party leader.

Speaking to delegates just shortly after seeing off a leadership challenge from rival Owen Smith, Mr Corbyn called Ms Cox a "brave woman who stood up for everybody within our society".

"There's one person who isn't here today," he said, in reference to Ms Cox.

"She would be if it weren't for an act of hatred and violence that robbed two children of their mother and the Labour party of a valued and cherished friend."

Ms Cox was killed in Birstall on June 16 as she left a surgery meeting for constituents.

On Friday, her husband Brendan Cox and the couple's two young children met US President Barack Obama at the White House.

It was also announced this week that Tracy Brabin, the former Coronation Street actress, would stand as the Labour candidate to contest Ms Cox's Batley and Spen constituency.

Mr Corybn's speech to the National Women's Conference offered a change from the Labour leadership contest, which has so far dominated proceedings ahead of the party conference.

The newly re-affirmed Labour leader made only a veiled reference to his win, apologising to delegates for "the disruption caused by other engagements this morning".