Hollande calls on UK 'play part' to deal with Calais migrant crisis

French President Francois Hollande has said the Calais "Jungle" camp will be dismantled "completely and definitely" - and he expects Britain to play its part in managing the situation.

Mr Hollande was speaking on a visit to the northern port city, where around 10,000 refugees and migrants live in a makeshift camp, where living conditions have been described as "diabolical".

In the stern message to Britain the President said he expected London to fully honour agreements on managing a flow of migrants who mostly flee to Calais from war zones like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq in the hope of reaching Britain by boat, train or in stowed away in the back of cargo trucks.

The French President has called on the UK to help with the crisis in Calais Credit: Reuters

President Hollande said: "We must dismantle the camp completely and definitively.

"I also want to restate my determination that the British authorities play their part in the humanitarian effort that France is undertaking and that they continue to do that in the future."

The French President is in the city to meet police, politicians, and port officials but not expected to visit the camp during this visit.

Last week work began on a wall, funded by Britain which will stretch 1km in Calais along the main road to the port in an attempt to stop people from becoming stowaways.

It is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Work has begun on a 1km long wall funded by the UK to deter people from attempting to become stowaways Credit: Reuters