Robbie Williams announces new album in November

Robbie Williams has announced that a new album will be released in November.

The singer's new release - called Heavy Entertainment Show - was revealed during the X Factor commercial break on Sunday evening.

The ad featured 42-year-old Williams dressed as a boxer in the ring, fighting himself.

It is Williams' first album since 2013's Swings Both Ways.

He told Julie Adenuga on her Beats 1 radio show: "I've been working on this album like I work on all the other albums."

He worked with long-time collaborator Guy Chambers on the latest album, saying: "We're back in each others' lives and I love him, he's my musical brother, and you know, he's my spiritual brother.

"We just try to get back into the studio and recreate some magic, and hopefully reconnect with what made it and us successful in the first place."

The album will be released on November 4.