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Ruff surf: Dogs catch some waves

Whatever he's like on the waves, he's top dog on the beach. Credit: Reuters

More than 60 pooches from around the world have been competing to see who is top dog on the waves.

The annual City Surf Dog competition in Los Angeles saw pets and their owners battle it out on Huntingdon Beach for the eighth year in a row.

This pooch means business. Credit: Reuters
This dog is one cool rider. Credit: Reuters

Wearing doggy life jackets, some canines took to the surf boards with their owners while others rode solo.

But it was a struggle for some in the unusually high waves.

Double doggy wipe out! Credit: Reuters
And it's all over for this canine. Credit: Reuters

The dogs competed in four weight-class divisions - plus the most difficult "shredder" category.

But it was Brazilian Labrador Bono who took home that crown.

And here's the moment he won with the help of owner Ivan Moreira.