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Hundreds of dogs face being put down as owners fail to update details

Up to 4% of stray and abandoned dogs in Scotland face being put down Credit: PA

Hundreds of dogs face being put to sleep every month because of owners who fail to keep their microchip details up to date.

Figures released by the Dogs Trust show that almost 37,000 lost and abandoned dogs were taken into local authority kennels last year.

One in eight of these cannot be returned to their owners because of outdated microchip information, making it almost impossible for them to trace.

In an annual survey taken among local authorities in the UK, 2,463 stray dogs were put to sleep between April 2015 and March 2016. A further 37,283 remained in kennels.

The Dogs Trust chief executive, Adrian Burder, said: "To discover that the number of stray dogs in the UK is down from last year is promising, but with over 37,000 dogs remaining unclaimed in council pounds last year, it's clear we still have work to do.

A young female pug. Credit: PA

"Local authorities work tirelessly caring for stray and abandoned dogs each year, but sadly they just don't have the resources or man power to care for every stray dog in the UK.

"Stray dogs that find themselves at Dogs Trust are the lucky ones, as we will never put a healthy dog to sleep, but not all of the unclaimed dogs are so fortunate," he added.

In April it became compulsory for dogs to be microchipped with up-to-date contact details of their owners.

Those owners who fail to comply could be faced with a £500 fine.

Commenting on the recent microchipping legislation, Mr Burder said: "We hope this new law will significantly bring down the number of stray dogs and have a very positive effect on next year's Stray Dogs Survey results."

  • How to update your dog's microchip details

The advice for owners who want to check and or update their canine's microchip details is to visit the website.

In order to check what details are held on your dog you will need to create an account. You will need to have your pet's microchip and Petlog ID numbers that were given to you when your pet was microchipped.

If you cannot find the numbers needed to login, you will need to take your dog to a vet so the chip can be scanned and the information given to you.

Once you have logged in to the site you can check and update your pet's microchip details.