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US voters weigh in on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's presidential debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's first presidential debate dominated headlines across the globe, with both presidential hopefuls sparring passionately and trading verbal attacks.

Many commentators said a calm and experienced Mrs Clinton outshone her Republican rival, who appeared to lose concentration and coherence as the evening wore on.

Pro-Trump factions, however, insist the New York billionaire won the debate.

ITV News spoke to six US voters after the event to find out who they believed won the show.

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  • Dan Madden, Youngstown, Ohio (Trump supporter)

Coming in, everyone was worried about Trump's composure and how he was going to handle himself.

I think overall, he handled himself well. He didn't call her 'crooked Hillary', which everyone was waiting for. He called her Secretary Clinton, he showed some respect.

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  • Cesareo Chabiro, Phoenix, Arizona (Clinton supporter)

We saw that Hillary was prepared for this debate. I believe she's ready to be president.

Trump is a business person - I believe business and politics are not supposed to be mates together. I don't think he's ready to be president.

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  • Ruth Nabb, Youngstown, Ohio (Trump supporter)

All in all I think Donald did a great job - I'm very proud of him and I'm so proud to support him.

If he didn't interrupt [Hillary] she would have gone on and on and on. She wanted to dominate this and that was her plan.

I think it's time for a businessman to run the country and someone who's built an empire and we need to take a different stance because the politicians have not done anything for this country.

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  • Vianey Olivarria, Phoenix, Arizona, (Clinton supporter)

Every time he interrupted her, it reminded me of all the times people have interrupted me thinking they know more about something I'm an expert on.

It reminded me of all the men who have interrupted me - most of them white men, who think that my voice is not valid.

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  • Geno Di Fabio, Youngstown, Ohio, (Trump supporter)

[Hillary] talks like a politician - it's all rhetoric. Political rhetoric. Trump had it right - these people come around every four years. When he talks, it's like one of us talking.

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  • Abril Gallardo, Phoenix, Arizona (Clinton supporter)

I've heard over and over empty promises of immigration reform, education - I want to know what they're going to do for the real things that are happening right now, like deportation.