This could be the face of a man whose skull was dredged up by fishermen in the English Channel two years ago.

Police have released an artist's impression of the man as mystery surrounds his identity.

Investigators say the area off the coast of Newhaven, East Sussex, where the skull was found is a lawful sea burial area.

Sussex Police hope his family members will come forward to identify their loved one and resolve the mystery.

Fishermen from Newhaven dredged up the skull on September 12 2014 before bringing it to shore at Shoreham when they landed the following day.

Police then took possession of the skull, which forensic examination showed belonged to a man believed to be aged 30 to 71 - but most likely aged 40 to 60.

Appealing for anyone with information to contact them or the UK Missing Persons Bureau, a Sussex Police spokesman said the case was "unexplained but not suspicious".