Police officer saves unconscious driver and baby by ramming car off motorway

A woman who passed out at the wheel of her car with her baby in the back seat was saved after a police officer managed to ram her vehicle off the motorway.

Pc Danny Pattison, of Leicestershire Police, was on patrol when he was alerted to a white Peugeot 306 driving erratically along the A42 and M1.

He rushed to the scene near junction 23, where he spotted the woman's car weaving across the three-lane motorway at 30mph.

Newly released footage from Pc Pattison's dashcam shows his BMW 5 Series patrol car trailing the woman's vehicle as it careened onto the hard shoulder.

"I pulled up alongside and saw the woman with her head completely back, staring at the roof of the car - she was out," Pc Pattison told the Leicester Mercury.

"Then I saw the child in the back. I thought, 'This is going to end up with her and the baby getting killed', so I ran through in my head all the options I had."

Pc Pattison pulled up along the car and repeatedly pushed it onto the hard shoulder in an attempt to make it stop.

The woman, who had fallen into a diabetic coma, had her foot on the accelerator, so it kept moving despite the officer's best efforts.

Pc Pattison eventually managed to make the car safely grind to a halt. The woman, who had no recollection of the event, was revived with a bar of chocolate.

Both mother and baby were checked by paramedic and had no injuries.

Pc Pattison's quick thinking was rewarded with a Chief Constable's commendation.

Chief Constable Simon Cole said: "Danny put himself at risk and prevented a potentially serious accident from happening. We're proud of him and he should be too."