'Bunker busting bombs' leave Syrians with no place to hide

Weapons being used in Aleppo reportedly include so-called bunker busting bombs. Credit: Reuters/Abdalrhman Ismail/File Photo

The horror of the bombardment taking place in Aleppo has reportedly escalated with the use of so-called 'bunker busting bombs'.

The bombs, which are designed to penetrate military bunkers, can completely flatten buildings which are several storeys high and leave people buried under tons of rubble.

The weapons even reach into the basement, where many people try to take shelter, meaning now they have few places left to hide from the onslaught.

The bombs, which some claim are made in Russia, are having a devastating effect on the city - one hit the area of al Shaar on Thursday and destroyed a five-storey building that housed three families.

Russia and the Assad regime are being accused of specifically targeting civilians with these weapons, that are usually only used on heavily-protected military targets.