Moment five-year-old girl is pulled out from rubble in Syria

This is the moment a five-year-old girl was pulled out alive after spending four hours trapped under rubble in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

The youngster, named as Ghazal Qasim, is said to be the sole survivor from an airstrike in the al Shaar neighbourhood in which 24 people were killed.

Rescuers are seen drilling to reach the girl, whose face and clothes are covered in dust.

"[W]e opened a space, here it is, and Ghazal is five years old. Thank God we managed to take her out," an unnamed Syrian civil defence worker says in the footage.

The girl is heard making yelps of pain as she is carried out of the building and into the open air of the street before being placed in a waiting ambulance.

The footage was uploaded to social media sites by Syrian civil defence forces and verified by Reuters.

The youngster being carried out on a stretcher. Credit: RTV