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Aleppo shown off as holiday destination in Syrian tourism video

A promotional video showcasing Aleppo as a desirable holiday destination has been posted by the Syrian Ministry of Tourism on its Facebook page.

The video, entitled 'Aleppo Will of Life', features a Game of Thrones soundtrack and several beautiful landmarks.

But it fails to show the large parts of the city which have been devastated by five years of war.

The tourism video fails to show the effects of five years of war in Aleppo. Credit: Syrian Ministry of Tourism

Anyone looking at the short film would be forgiven for thinking that Aleppo is a thriving metropolis rather than the divided city that is being bombarded and torn apart by airstrikes.

On Thursday, WHO official Rick Brennan, said nearly 340 people including 106 children, have died in Aleppo since the recent Syrian ceasefire broke down.