Syrian rescue worker sobs after rescuing orphaned baby from rubble

The rescued baby girl Credit: Aleppo Medical Centre
  • Video report by ITV News correspondent Dan Rivers.

Emotional footage has emerged showing the moment a Syrian rescue worker breaks down after he pulls a tiny baby out of the rubble of her home in the rebel-held city of Idlib.

Abu-Kifah, who is a volunteer with the first responders group known as the White Helmets, sobs as he holds the baby girl who was covered in dust but remarkably had just a few scratches.

He said she is about one month old.

It took several hours for the rescuers to find the little girl who was buried deep under debris following an airstrike.

Later ITV News spoke to Nour, from Violet Organisation, who helped dig the baby out of the collapsed building.

He confirmed that five members of the baby's family died in the strike and now she is alone and an orphan.

He said it was "incredible" when the rescuers found her alive.

Since a ceasefire in Syria broke down last week, several areas including the city of Aleppo have been bombarded with strikes, which the World Health Organisation (WHO) has described as 'unfathomable'.

At a press briefing on Thursday, WHO official Rick Brennan, said "338 people, including 106 children" have been killed in Aleppo over the past few weeks.He added that "at least 846 people have been wounded including 261 children".