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William and Kate go salmon fishing on latest leg of Canada tour

  • Video report by ITV News Royal Editor Tim Ewart

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went salmon fishing in Canadian waters during the latest leg of their royal visit to the country.

William and Kate sailed along the Haida Gwaii archipelago off the British Columbia coast - the next stage of their eight-day itinerary.

Travelling aboard a 25ft war canoe, William and Kate met people from the Haida community - an indigenous population based predominantly around the archipelago.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went salmon fishing in Canada Credit: PA

But the trip was marked by protests from residents against a multi-billion pound liquid natural gas pipeline and export terminal they claim will have a detrimental effect on the environment.

The royal couple wore life jackets before their fishing excursion off Graham Island where they hoped to catch Coho salmon and check a lobster pot.

William and Kate met local Haida people Credit: PA

However, it wasn't the Duke and Duchess's lucky day as they returned empty handed.

Earlier during a welcome ceremony William and Kate were given scarves trimmed with sea otter fur - gifts that were a mark of respect.

The administration of Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau gave the green light for the Pacific NorthWest LNG export terminal just a few days ago.

The Haida people are against a imminent gas pipe project Credit: PA