Europe trail the United States going into the final leg of the Ryder Cup after a day of intense heckling towards the visiting side.

The United States will begin play on Sunday with a three-point advantage, leading Europe 9½-6½ at the 41st Ryder Cup in Chaska, Minnesota.

But the day's play was also notable for the consistent heckling of Europe's golfers by the baying 50,000-strong crowd - with some instances whilst teh players tried to execute their shots.

Lee Westwood was subjected to intense heckling Credit: Reuters

At the 16th hole, one spectator shouted "no pressure" as Lee Westwood prepared to play a clutch putt.

And a hole later, a spectator shouted "miss" as Westwood was stroking a putt. He went on to miss the shot, providing the US pair with the winning margin.

World number three Rory McIlroy also had to deal with a number of rowdy fans on nearly every hole.

At one point he asked security to remove one heckler who continued to bother him.

"Someone just said a few derogatory things I thought was out of line. I tried to get him removed," McIlroy said.

"You try to keep the utmost respect for who you're playing and for who you're supporting.

"That particular guy, this is obviously in the very, very small minority, just took it a bit too far".

Rory McIlroy asked for one spectator to be removed Credit: Reuters

Sergio Garcia, playing his eight Ryder Cup, was particularly critical of the crowd.

"They have been quite poor. I'm not going to lie," Garcia said.

"It's unfortunate because I think that 85% of the people are great and I love playing in America. My girlfriend is American.

"But that 15%, that is really bad. It makes them look bad. And I feel ashamed for my girlfriend because I know how bad she feels when she hears all the things, but it is what it is".

The United States's Jordan Spieth attempted to quieten the crowd at times, as did assistant captain Bubba Watson.

"We just wanted to make sure that everybody could play their game," Spieth said.

"There were times where it would quiet down and then you would get a fan or two that would just yell and single people out maybe.

"We wanted to just hush them down so that they were able to hit under the same conditions we were able to hit under. I think that's fair".

Credit: Reuters