Victoria Wood's brother defends biography that labels the comedian 'overweight and glum'

Victoria Wood's brother has defended his decision to publish a revealing biography of the late comedian, denying that he is betraying her.

Chris Foote Wood said his book, Wood Comedy Genius - Her Life And Work, would provide "a unique insight into how an overweight, lonely and unhappy girl overcame early difficulties to build her hugely successful career".

The book includes extracts from a journal written by the siblings' late father Stanley Wood, in which he criticises her for being overweight, saying she was "fatter than ever and has more spots".

Victoria Wood's brother Chris Foote Wood. Credit: PA Wire

He also describes his daughter as being "very glum and morose", and details Wood's relationship with an early boyfriend.

"I have only written the truth," Foote Wood said. "Victoria was fat and unhappy as a girl - she said so herself in press interviews and on BBC radio's Desert Island Discs.

"It cannot be a betrayal to tell the truth. It would be a nonsense to leave out Vic's unhappy childhood. On the contrary, it is all the more to her credit that she overcame these early difficulties to forge her hugely successful career."

Foote Wood added: "I am a huge fan of Victoria but I cannot hide the facts."

Victoria Wood's brother plans to publish a book featuring private details about the comedian's life. Credit: PA Wire

Wood's children, Grace and Henry Durham, said they had not been told about the book.

Their spokesman Neil Reading said: "This is the first Grace and Henry have heard about Mr Foote Wood's book, based on Victoria's father's diaries. Mr Foote Wood has not contacted them to discuss it or make them aware of his plans.

"There will be an official Victoria Wood biography, which has Grace and Henry's blessing, published next year."

Victoria Wood pictured with her children Henry and Grace Durham after receiving her CBE at Buckingham Palace in 2008. Credit: PA Wire

Foote Wood's book, which is due to be released later this month, includes his sister's first joke and previously unpublished family photographs of the Dinnerladies actress.

He said all royalties from the book will be donated to charities Wood supported.

Foote Wood has also raised £20,000 through crowdfunding to erect a life-size memorial to the comedian in the centre of Bury, Lancashire.

Wood died in April aged 62 following a secret battle with cancer.