Aleppo Under Siege: Four-year-old girl picks up cluster bomb thinking it is toy

WARNING: The following report contains images some viewers may find distressing.

A four-year-old girl who picked up a cluster bombing thinking it was a toy is just one of the latest victims of the war in Syria.

Another little girl whose identity is unknown also fights for her life in an Aleppo hospital - but doctors have no idea who she is.

No family have come forward so it is presumed they were killed in the airstrike in eastern Aleppo which injured her.

Last week alone, 96 children were killed by airstrikes in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

There are now only six functioning hospitals left in the city as they also have long become targets of the Syrian government and its Russian allies.

This weekend, ITV News visited the hospitals and heard first-hand from those enduring the constant threat of bombing.

Hospital M10 was damaged by airstrikes at the weekend Credit: Mojahed Abo Al Jood

Even on Monday, airstrikes continued to ravage rebel-held Aleppo.

The latest strikes destroyed what remained of Aleppo's largest hospital.

At least three staff members died in Monday's airstrike, while others remain trapped under the rubble.

The hospital was destroyed by airstrikes on Monday. Credit: Mojahed Abo Al Jood

Patients had been transferred from the hospital over the weekend.

But many staff remained behind, salvaging any equipment still useful.

"The rules of war are just not being abided by", one doctor told ITV News.

The scene outside the hospital. Credit: ITV News

Every one of the six remaining hospitals is now treating casualties of war.

There is little space to treat those with medical emergencies.

Many of those will also lose their lives because of the siege of Aleppo.

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