Ryder Cup golfer Danny Willett has defended his brother's comments about American golf fans following Europe's loss.

Peter Willett described Team USA's fans as a "baying mob of imbeciles" in an article he wrote for National Club Golfer magazine.

Parts of the weekend were overshadowed by fans being told to be quiet during the red hot atmosphere, as well as one being ejected upon the request of Rory McIlroy.

Peter Willet called on the Europe team to "smash the obnoxious dads, with their shiny teeth, Lego man hair, medicated ex-wives and resentful children", which did not go down well in the build-up to the Ryder Cup.

Danny Willet apologised for the wording of his brother's piece, but wrote after the culmination of the cup "Very strange week here at the Ryder Cup - tried my best but played poorly.

"Unfortunately some American fans showed that P.J Willet was in fact correct," Willett wrote.

"Shows sometimes that fans don't know when to call it a day. Shame really."