School bans children from running in the playground

The headteacher says the number of playtime injuries have reduced by 80 percent Credit: Google Maps

A school has banned children from running from one end of the playground to another in an attempt to try and reduce the number of playtime injuries.

Hillfort Primary School in Cornwall says the decision has already had a dramatic impact on reducing the number of bumps and bruises.

However, a group of parents who are calling the ban "ridiculous" have started a petition and say they so far have 150 signatures demanding the ban is lifted.

In a statement parents said: "Do not allow 'health and safety' to remove the liberty to spontaneously run in the playground during imaginative and child-led play."

Instead the parents are suggesting alternatives such as staggered lunch breaks to keep the number of children on the playground to a safe number.

The school's headteacher Dr Tim Cook defended the ban which was brought in last week and said only one complaint had been received.

He said in a statement on the school's website: "Some parents are concerned that we have banned all running from lunchtimes, this really is not the case. What we have done is to stop running directly across the playground where some children had been hurt by others running into one another."

He said lots of other activities have been put in place and "negative behaviour have reduced significantly".

Since the ban was brought in on 27 September the number of children requiring first aid has dropped by 80 percent, says Dr Cook.

The headteacher added that if children wish to run there are two football courts they can do so in and said that some of the points on the petition are not accurate.

The school will be reviewing the new policy over the next couple of weeks and will retract it if staff feel it is not having a positive effect.

Similar criticisms were voiced at Old Priory Primary Academy in Devon last year, after handstands and cartwheels where banned.