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Hey Macarena! Hospice patients flash mob dance goes viral

Hey Macarena! The flash-mob was part of Positive Ageing Week. Credit: PA

Heart-warming footage of patients in a hospice breaking into an impromptu dance has gone viral after being viewed tens of thousands of times.

The video was shot at Our Lady's Hospice in Harold's Cross in Dublin, where unsuspecting diners in the canteen were surprised by the patient and staff flash-mob.

Within moments of them starting the moves to the sound of the floor-filling Spanish dance song, others are joining in - some of them discarding their walking frames.

Among them is a nun while others can be seen doing the Nineties dance craze moves from their wheelchairs.

Tens of thousands have viewed the three-minute clip. Credit: PA

Jeanne McDonagh, spokeswoman for the hospice, said 24 patients and 10 staff had been secretly practising the surprise as part of Positive Ageing Week.

She said: "They really enjoy it and the Macarena is particularly popular, so they decided to do this for Positive Ageing Week.

"They just jumped up at lunchtime and started moving and then everyone started joining in.

"It was really wonderful and really typical of the hospice, it is such a warm, happy place - they really celebrate life here."

Watch the patients in full swing below: