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Polish women stage walkouts in national 'black protest' against proposed abortion ban

Polish activists demonstrates against the draft law Credit: Reuters

Polish women have called for an international 'black protest' against a proposed new law that would ban abortions in all circumstances.

Tens of thousands of activists are set to stage walkouts from work and refuse to do domestic chores in a nation 'strike' against the draft law, which would outlaw the procedure even if the fetus is not viable or the mother's life is in danger.

They have also asked supporters to post photographs of themselves wearing black with the hashtags #CzarnyProtest and #blackprotest in a show of anger around the world.

Poland's parliament is currently debating whether to introduce the new laws, which would make the country among the most anti-abortion in the world.

Activists wave coathooks as they march against the legislation Credit: Reuters

Last month thousands of protesters waved wire coat hangers in a major demonstration against the draft law.

The country already bars women from ending pregnancies unless the pregnancy is the result of rape, or incest or if the mother or baby have serious health problems.

Under the new law, anyone found to have got an abortion could be punished with up to five years in prison.

Official statistics show several hundred legal abortions are conducted in Poland each year but activists say many women are denied access to the procedure when doctors invoke a legal right to decline to perform it on moral or religious grounds.