'That's no cheese, it's Gary!' Woman's anti-vegan cheese rant prompts tongue-in-cheek response

A woman whipped up into a fury by vegan "cheese" has gone viral online - and her rant has even prompted a swift re-brand in tribute.

The unnamed commenter launched into a tirade against a new line of coconut-based "cheese" launched by Sainsburys - and she was pulling no punches in her feedback.

"If you're going to be a vegan don't call your vegan cheese BECAUSE IT'S NOT CHEESE" began her call to arms, which was punctuated by emojis of angry faces and wedges of edam.

"Call it Gary or something don't call it cheese".

Credit: Vegan Life Magazine / Facebook

Her desperate plea was shared by Vegan Life Magazine - and quickly became a catchphrase with vegans online who produced a series of memes mocking her post.

And Sainsbury's even got in on the act by posting an image of a re-christened pack of cheese - or should that be Gary?

They followed up with a picture from the Bute Island Foods company, which makes the snack, suggesting that a man named Gary was producing genuine packets of Gary. The mind boggles.

Meanwhile, vegans quickly taken Gary to heart with a series of posts and memes that have been shared by hundreds of people.

Among them was Hayley Jeantou, who posted on Facebook: "So I'm doing my shopping online and my five-year-old is sat next to me.

"I type in vegan cheese into the search bar, and yes, you guessed it, he said no mummy it's not vegan cheese, it's Gary."

A fan does a swift DIY re-labelling at a supermarket Credit: Facebook/ It's not Vegan Cheese, it's Gary