The seven-year-old tweeting the onslaught on Aleppo

Bana al-Abed could be any other seven-year-old tucked up with her doll and re-reading a favourite story.

But she's buried in her book in an attempt to ignore a war that is raining down bombs all around her and has already claimed the lives of her friends.

Now she is giving a child's view into the horrific conflict inside Aleppo as trapped residents face endless barrages of airstrikes.

Bana and her two younger brothers are among thousands of citizens trapped inside the rebel-held city as it is bombarded by Syrian government troops and their Russian allies.

With the help of her mother Fatemah, aged 26, she has documented scenes of fear and destruction in a call for international action.

"My god, help us to finish the war," she prays aloud in one video as bombs fall near to her house.

Another image shows the ruins of a house where her friend died in an attack.

Bana says that she dreams of being able to return to school and ultimately she wants to become a teacher.

But for now she can rarely leave the house.

Her live-tweets have brought her widespread attention - but she says all that she wants is peace.