Aleppo Under Siege: I hope the world thinks of our kids as their kids, thoughts of a mum as another child dies in Aleppo

WARNING: The following update contains images some viewers may find distressing.

Yesterday from the safety of an edit suite we told the story of four-year-old Eman, using pictures and testimony from her doctors to explain what an adults war had done to a child's body.

The images showed a little girl with shrapnel holes across her body. Her shallow breath coming in laboured bursts.

In a city where the hospitals themselves are under attack they fought to save this little girl.

But in the end the harm that had been done to that tiny frame was too much.

She died this morning, by tonight she will be buried and her family will join the thousands of others mourning for the children who lived their whole lives in war and now will never know what it is to live in peace.

Eman picked up a cluster bomb thinking it was a toy. Credit: ITV News

When I heard that Eman had died I was listening to an interview with mother of another little girl in Eastern Aleppo.

She was telling how fearful her children are when the bombs rain down, how hard it is to keep them safe.

She had a simple message to those of us who live in safety, "I hope the world thinks of our kids as their own kids."

Hospital M10 was badly damaged by airstrikes at the weekend. Credit: ITV News

Watching Eman yesterday I was thinking of the children in my life.

Thinking how much it hurts to see my nieces with something as simple as a broken arm or scratched cheek. I could hardly bear to imagine them so dreadfully harmed.

Maybe if those with real power to bring change could think of the children of Aleppo in relation to the children they love there would be a greater impetus for change.

Until then Eman along with so many of Syria's youngsters will never get the chance to grow up.