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Smiler crash survivor: 'Money won't bring my leg back'

Smiler rollercoaster crash survivor Vicky Balch has said that no amount of money can ever bring her leg back.

Speaking for the first time since Alton Towers owners Merlin Attractions was fined £5 million over health and safety breaches, the 20 year old admitted she has struggled to adapt to her new life as an amputee.

Vicky, one of two girls who lost a leg in the 2015 crash, also revealed she intends to take private legal action against the theme park.

A number of the 16 victims, who were injured when a carriage smashed into an empty car, also plan to sue Alton Towers.

A Smiler carriage crashed into an empty car Credit: PA

"I don't think it will make a difference how much [the size of the fine]", Vicky told ITV's Good Morning Britain.

"It's not a lot of money to them - even £10 million wouldn't have been a difference - but as long as they're making those changes to make sure the rides are safe I'm not bothered".

Despite the severity of the crash, Vicky said she didn't believe the ride should be shut down.

She explained that she and other victims of the crash expect that private legal action against Alton Towers will take "a number of years".

Asked whether money was a driving factor, she responded: "No amount of money is ever going to bring my leg back".

Vicky Balch (fourth from left) and Leah Washington (right) both lost a leg in the crash Credit: PA