'We're not just managing, we're struggling', young mother tells Theresa May

Credit: ITV News

The prime minister's promise of a "country that works for everyone" rang rather hollow for one mother in Birmingham today.

Just a few miles away from where the Conservatives were holding their conference, Melissa Andrews was dropping off her 13-month-old daughter Ivy at nursery.

She works in a family centre next door and 70% of her income goes on childcare. It costs nearly £100 for Ivy to be looked after for two-and-a-half days a week. The government currently offers no help with childcare for this age group.

Melissa is a single mother who's had to move back in with her parents because she can't afford a private flat. A deposit in her area, King's Heath, would be £2,000 - money she can only dream of.

When I asked what she thought of Theresa May's promise to help those "just managing", she replied "We're not just managing, we're struggling".

She dismissed May's suggestion she was standing up for ordinary working families as "empty words".

Melissa - who's always been on a temporary contract - is also worried whether she will even have a job by next summer. The family centre where she works has been asked to re-apply for funding and there's no guarantee it won't close.