What on earth's going on with Ukip?

Diane James has quit as Ukip leader before most people knew who she was. What happened?

Well she didn't really want the job in the first place. One insider told me she had to be 'nagged' into doing it by Nigel Farage. His shadow still looms over the party.

And when she was elected she found the party coffers were not only empty but, with the Brexit job done, donors weren't sure they wanted to replenish them.

She also wanted to make reforms to Ukip's National Executive which they weren't keen on. And she didn't have the support of the party's influential European Party.

Suzanne Evans (left) and Steven Woolfe (right) weren't able to stand last time around. Credit: PA

Last time around two of the best known Kippers weren't able to stand. Suzanne Evans was suspended, Steven Woolfe hadn't got his application in on time (.... I know).

Another senior Ukip politician hopes 'this time we can have the campaign we should have had last time'.

They need to get on with it. Ukip has electoral support but without new ideas - and new money - that won't last. And making the Labour Party look like a model of stability isn't helping.