Labour whips could resign from Corbyn's shadow cabinet

I've spoken to one MP inside Jeremy Corbyn's team of whips tonight - the people who ensure discipline (remember that?) in the Labour Party.

It seems discussions are under way to consider a block resignation, with many of the MPs unhappy with the sacking of their boss, the Chief Whip Rosie Winterton.

One MP told me "I'd go over the top for Rosie... I'm devastated. This sends out the wrong message."

The concern is that sacking a figure who's popular among those MPs who've been critical of Jeremy Corbyn is hardly the best way to create unity following his re-election as leader last month.

With parliament in recess, many MPs are on holiday or in their constituencies, so I understand conversations are taking place between the whips over the phone.

I expect them to make a decision as a team, but for now I'm told they're 'keeping all options open'.

One MP said sacking Rosie Winterton sends the 'wrong message'. Credit: PA

The new appointments in Labour's Shadow Cabinet reshuffle:

  • Nick Brown - a long-standing ally of former leader Gordon Brown - replaced Rosie Winterton as chief whip

  • Former Liberty director, Shami Chakrabarti is the shadow attorney general

  • Corbyn's long-time ally Diane Abbott replaced Andy Burnham as shadow home secretary

  • Jonathan Reynolds is the new shadow economic secretary to the Treasury

  • Dawn Butler is the shadow minister for black and ethnic minority communities

  • Jo Stevens is shadow Welsh secretary

  • Sarah Champion is shadow women and equalities minister

  • Keir Starmer is shadow secretary of state for Brexit

  • Nia Griffith is shadow defence secretary

  • Clive Lewis is shadow business secretary