Onslaught on Aleppo is 'demonic' says Archbishop of Canterbury

The onslaught on Aleppo is "demonic" and an act of "evil", the Archbishop of Canterbury has told ITV News.

Justin Welby said the "unspeakable" bombardment of trapped civilians in the city "compares with some of the great atrocities of the last century".

He said the situation felt hopeless, concluding that all sides had failed, in an interview with Julie Etchingham.

Archbishop Welby, who has repeatedly called for peace in Syria, said that it felt like a "helpless" situation as Syrian government troops and their Russian allies pound the rebel-held city after a failed ceasefire.

His comments come after experts said that Aleppo could be totally destroyed within just two months under the current rate of bombardment, which has seen previously bustling streets blasted into rubble.

The Archbishop today concluded that attempts to intervene by the UN had failed but there appeared to be no better way forward.

"If anyone knows anything better than by all means, lets get it going, but no one had found anything better," he said.