Aleppo Under Siege: The young girl whose life and face have been scarred by Syria's civil war

Nine-year-old Sedra Jaqal lives in the Ferdous area of eastern Aleppo.

Six months ago, as Sedra and her brother went to buy bread for their family, they were hit by a barrel bomb.

Her seven-year-old brother Ahmed was killed.

Sedra spent 16 days in hospital and lost her right arm. The young girl's face also bears the scars of shrapnel.

Sedra lost her right arm in the incident. Credit: Mohammad Al Shagel

Doctors say Sedra needs to go to Turkey for an artificial limb but due to the situation in the besieged area that option is not currently available.

Despite her predicament, Sedra is adjusting to her situation with the help and support of her family and friends.

Sedra has been adjusting to life after her injuries. Credit: Mohammad Al Shagel

But she often experiences feeling of sadness when she remembers her brother and their life before.

Sedra is also afraid to go to the school because of the constant airstrikes.

Sedra smiles as she poses in a picture taken before she was injured in the bombing.

In the year to date (January 1 to October 5, 2016), according to data supplied by IHS Janes Terrorism and Insurgency Centre, there have been 3,695 airstrikes in Syria.

Of these airstrikes: