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Cadbury's new Milk Tray Man to make his TV debut

Firefighter Patrick McBride won the role last year. Credit: Cadbury's

Cadbury's new Milk Tray Man is making his TV debut with an advert in which he delivers chocolates to a Mongolian yurt, almost 50 years on from the original escapade.

Firefighter Patrick McBride, who won the role ahead of 20,000 hopefuls last year, is the latest to don the black polo neck for the ad that ends with the original catchphrase "And all because the lady loves ..."

The ad ends with the original catchphrase 'And all because the lady loves'. Credit: Cadbury's/PA

The £3 million campaign, the latest in the saga that began in 1968, is set in the Altai Mountains over the Mongolian steppe and features flying sequences, a Mongolian tribe and stampeding yak.

McBride said: "I loved the whole experience of creating the advert, from hearing about the initial ideas to going to Mongolia and filming the ad itself."

The new ad features flying sequences. Credit: Cadbury's/PA

The full 90-second ad screens for the first time on Saturday during the ITV's X Factor live show.

But you can watch a 20-second clip here: