Repercussions for Ukip and Steven Woolfe remain unclear

Steven Woolfe was rushed to hospital in Strasbourg Credit: ITV News/PA

Steven Woolfe may have been the more seriously injured party following Ukip's notorious European Parliamentary contretemps, but he may not have been entirely without blame.

Sources say that when he and Mike Hookem argued at an MEPs meeting yesterday it was Mr Woolfe who removed his jacket and suggested they take it outside.

Whatever a former barrister like Mr Wolfe thinks that means, a former soldier like Mr Hookem is likely to interpret it only one way.

Mike Hookem was alleged to have hit Mr Woolfe Credit: PA

No one will admit to seeing what happened next but a Ukip source says "obviously punches were thrown".

The damage to Mr Woolfe is serious enough for medics here in Strasbourg to have moved him to the neurological ward for 48 hours of monitoring - they also woke him up four times overnight for checks.

Steven Woolfe is being kept in hospital for a further 48 hours Credit: Hermann Kelly

The damage to Ukip is less clear.

The party and the European Parliament are holding their own investigations.

If Mr Woolfe is punished it could have repercussions for his leadership campaign; he might not have one.

That could exacerbate party splits which are never far from the surface.

However, a rule of recent politics is that normal rules of politics do not always apply to Ukip!

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