Syrian family fractured by war in the great exodus of our times

Even from the safety of Britain it is hard to leave the horrors of Aleppo behind.

Liked millions of others, Moussa and Raja's family has been fractured by the five-year war in Syria that has left their home city under siege.

The married couple were forced to leave their loved ones two years ago as they fled the fighting for the sanctuary of Europe.

They journeyed more than 2,800 miles to finally settle in Cardiff with their four children.

Like Syrians displaced around the world, their connection to their embattled home city is now through the news footage of the daily bombardment.

"It is indescribable," Moussa told ITV News. "A city with a civilisation such as Aleppo, a very old city in which human beings are killed ... and everything is destroyed. It is so sad."

Members of their displaced family are now in Europe, Africa and North America.

Raja and Moussa watched with anguish at the latest footage from Aleppo.

"All our people are spread across the globe and we don't even know where many of them are," Moussa said. "We lost phone or social media communication with them."

Other relatives, including Raja's sister and niece and nephew, remain in Aleppo with their lives threatened every day.

Moussa travelled by boat to Greece then walked to Serbia before journeying to Wales, where the family have settled.

"(My sister) lost her husband," Raja said. "She feels down but I couldn't help her. I hope she will forgive me but there is nothing I could do for her. I hope people can help me. I ask God to protect her, wherever she is."

Fighting back tears, Raja said: "There is no way to communicate with them. This is very harsh. This feeling kills me. We are alive but we feel like we are dead."