Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe 'was punched in the face', examination suggests

Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe was punched in the face, new medical evidence suggests.

Sources told ITV News that "bruises consistent with a punch" were found by a team of independent experts.

Mr Woolfe was involved in an altercation with fellow Ukip MEP Mike Hookem in Strasbourg on Thursday.

A spokesman for Mr Woolfe said the new medical examination supported his claim he was attacked.

Mike Hookem 'absolutely' denies being responsible for Mr Woolfe's injuries. Credit: PA

In a statement, the spokesman said: "A team of experts independent of the hospital staff were called in to examine physical injuries to Steven's face, head and body that were inconsistent with just a seizure or a fall as a result of a seizure.

"The team of experts also examined other pieces of evidence including clothing and images relating to those injuries.

"Their report will shine a different light on claims currently being made in the media."

The politician is still in hospital in Strasbourg being monitored by the neurological department.

Mr Hookem "absolutely" denies being responsible for Mr Woolfe's injuries and claims he acted in self-defence during a "scuffle".

He again tweeted a picture of his hands which he says proves he is not the one to blame.

He captioned it: "Can you see any bruising or abrasions?"