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Steven Woolfe discharged from hospital

Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe. Credit: Ukip

Steven Woolfe has been discharged from hospital in Strasbourg.

The Ukip MEP was admitted to hospital following an altercation with Mike Hookem on Thursday.

Mr Woolfe had claimed his colleague Mr Hookem "came at him" in a scuffle.

Mr Hookem "absolutely" denies being responsible for Mr Woolfe's injuries and claims he acted in self-defence.

A party spokesman said: "Steven Woolfe has today been discharged from hospital in Strasbourg. He is focused on continuing his recovery and will not be making any further statements today."

Handout photo issued by Ukip MEP Mike Hookem of his hands. Credit: Mike Hookem/Ukip/PA

On Saturday, sources told ITV News that "bruises consistent with a punch" were found by a team of independent experts on Mr Woolfe.

A spokesman said the new medical examination supported his claim he was attacked.

Their statement came after Mr Hookem released a photograph showing his hands clean of any bruises, cuts, or grazes.

An internal Ukip probe is set to investigate the incident, with some senior figures saying they should ban Mr Woolfe from running for the leadership.