• Video courtesy of @SMCMENNAMY

If Donald Trump is sleeping tonight, that's impressive emotional self-control.

Because the party he is leading into battle in 31 days is in open mutiny and the country is in a state of shock.

He emerged earlier outside of Trump Tower to acknowledge the cheers of supporters.

It was quite a moment, perhaps the last act of defiance from a man who many analysts believe has little hope of surviving.

Let's be clear: this is the greatest crisis an American political party has faced since the resignation of President Nixon.

Republican figures are in a state of disbelief that they are in such an excruciatingly painful political space.

Some have abandoned ship and are in the life-rafts. Put Senator McCain in that camp.

Speaker Paul Ryan is reportedly ready to urge Trump to drop out of the race, even if that would surely hand the White House (and the Supreme Court) to the Democrats.

All eyes are now on tonight's Presidential debate in St Louis.

We will call it the Miracle in Missouri if Trump emerges a viable candidate.