UN calls for international inquiry into 'outrageous' Yemen airstrike

The airstrike on a funeral hall in Yemen has been met with international condemnation over the attack which left 140 people dead and 515 injured.

UN Human Rights chief Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein said the "outrageous" attack at the weekend showed the need for an independent international inquiry into possible war crimes in the country.

The UN Human Rights Council added the failure to act decisively is allowing violations to go unpunished.

The attack has been blamed on the country's Saudi-led coalition which is battling Houthi rebels in the country's north.

On Monday funerals for those killed in the airstrike were held while mourners voiced their anger and called for revenge.

Speaking exclusively to ITV News one mourner said: "They don't have the right to bomb us everyday.

"We need no [sic] talk, we need war. We will kill or be killed...

"Blood for blood and an eye for an eye."

  • Footage has emerged showing the airstrike on the funeral hall

The attack was the single deadliest attack in 19 months of a war which has seen 10,000 people killed, 3,800 of them civilians.

Meanwhile UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said there must be accountability for the "appalling conduct" of the entire war.

"Aerial attacks by the Saudi-led coalition have already caused immense carnage, and destroyed much of the country's medical facilities and other vital civilian infrastructure.

"More broadly, there must be accountability for the appalling conduct of this entire war."