Politicians have taken umbrage with former Labour representative George Galloway's description of himself on Facebook as an MP.

Galloway, who has formerly sat in Parliament as an MP for both the Labour and Respect parties, lost his Bradford West seat in March 2015.

On Facebook, he is still referred to as "George Galloway MP".

Labour MP Chris Bryant raised the issue with Speaker of the House John Bercow on Wednesday.

Mr Bryant asked: "Would it not be in the interests of this house to make it absolutely clear to Facebook that he is not a member of of Parliament and should not be claiming that privilege?"

Galloway lost his seat in March 2015 Credit: Facebook/George Galloway

Mr Bercow replied that the issue "isn't my responsibility", but added that he would be happy to write to Galloway.

"He cannot currently be heard in this place. When he was here he was heard - fully and sometimes loudly and with very considerable eloquence", Mr Bercow said.

"But he's not a member of Parliament and I am very happy to put that on the record and if there continues to be ambiguity about it, or misleading impressions given, they must be corrected".

Galloway quickly took to Twitter to explain that Facebook does not allow for name changes.