Rejected horse becomes £500,000 race-winning star

  • Video report by ITV News Sports Correspondent Ian Payne

A racing horse who was rejected by every buyer at auction has made a remarkable turnaround, going on to win five races and become a racing star.

Mrs Danvers was born to a mother who had failing health, and when her owners Mark and Connie Burton tried to sell her at auction, no-one would buy her - not even for £1,000.

"Not one bid - I know it's mad," Mr Burton told ITV News.

Defying low expectations in her abilities, Mrs Danvers went on to prove her doubters wrong, winning all five races she has taken part in so far.

The horse has also won £200,000 in prize money, and is now worth an estimated £500,000.

"If people had seen what she had done, then we'd have had loads of bids for her," Mr Burton added.

"But we're quite glad because we've still got her and we're happy."

Despite Mrs Danvers's newfound fame and success, her owners are adamant that they have no plans to let her go.

"Everyone can do with the money can't they?" Mrs Burton said. "We put everything into our horses - I don't think at this present time we'd be tempted to sell her."

Mrs Danvers's trainer Jonathan Portman added that being a millionaire is not necessarily a prerequisite for having a successful race horse.

"People shouldn't be deterred thinking it's a millionaire's game, because it's not," he said.