Man uses pizza delivery to locate grandmother after Hurricane Matthew

A man searching frantically for his grandmother in the wake of Hurricane Matthew located her using an unconventional method.

Eric Olsen tried desperately to establish whether his grandmother survived the storm in Florida last week but found police and fire services overwhelmed with similar calls.

Instead, after two days of no contact, Mr Olsen, from Nebraska, turned to an unconventional service for help - Papa John's pizza delivery.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Olsen said Papa John's were the "only other people I could think of".

Having placed a pizza delivery order from over 1,000 miles away, Mr Olsen waited until they arrived at his grandmother's doorstep.

According to ABC News, Mr Olsen's grandmother was "reluctant" to answer the door at first, explaining that she hadn't ordered anything.

But when she was told it was her grandson's delivery, she allowed the delivery boy in - on the condition he had brought "garlic butter sauce".

Thirty minutes after placing the order, Papa John's had Mr Olsen's grandmother on a mobile phone to her relatives - with a fresh pepperoni pizza to hand.

The pizza delivery boy described the expression on her face as "priceless".