Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump of 'stalking' her during TV debate

Hillary Clinton has said she felt like Donald Trump was "stalking" her in their latest TV debate.

The Democratic presidential candidate told The Ellen DeGeneres Show she "could feel this presence behind me".

"I thought 'woah, this is really weird'," she said in her first TV appearance since the showdown.

Clinton said she could always feel Trump's presence behind her. Credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Clinton said she could tell Trump was riled up after a video emerged of him making lewd comments about women.

"Because of the revelation of the public video and everything that came out on Access Hollywood, he was really all wrought up.

"You could just sense how much anger he had.

"And so he was just trying to dominate - and literally stalk me - around the stage."

Clinton laughs at her and Ken Bone's spoof dance-off. Credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The chat then turned to lighter subjects as Ellen brought up Clinton's "signature shimmy".

The show cut to Clinton's exchange with red jumper wearing Ken Bone - who shot to stardom after asking a question during the TV debate.

And Clinton was in fits of giggles as the spoof clip showed her having a dance-off with Mr Bone.

Watch it in full below: