At least 70% of Brits would pay extra 1p tax in the pound if it went to NHS, ITV poll finds

At least 70% of Brits would happily pay an extra 1p in every pound if that money was guaranteed to go to the NHS, an exclusive ITV poll has found.

Almost half of those surveyed said that they would pay an extra 2p in the pound to bolster NHS funding.

The survey of 1,002 people was conducted by Survation for a health-focused The Agenda with Tom Bradby special to be broadcast at 8pm on ITV on Tuesday October 18.

The results also found that almost half (46%) of Brits thought the current NHS was performing badly with only 23% saying that it was performing well.

While taxpayers seemed prepared to pay more to support the NHS it seems that patients are not willing to pay on an individual basis for specific treatments.

Around 66% of respondents said that they would not pay £5 to visit their GP (27% said they would) while 79% said they would refuse to pay £10 with only 15% saying they would do so.

Tom Bradby will host a special edition of the Agenda focusing on the NHS at 8pm on ITV on Tuesday October 18. He will be joined by Ed Miliband, Anna Soubry, Rory Bremner, Joan Bakewell and Amanda Platell.