'Nazi gig cancelled' after anti-racism group pressure

A "Nazi" gig due to take place in Scotland has been cancelled, an anti-racism group has claimed.

Bound For Glory, an American "white power" band, were reportedly lined up to perform in Edinburgh at an undisclosed venue on October 22.

News of the performance was announced on Facebook in January - with tickets being sold for £30.

Anti-racism group Hope Not Hate said the gig would have been the "largest white power concert ever to take place in Scotland".

However, on Sunday the campaigners claimed that the gig had been cancelled amid adverse media attention.

Michael Matheson plans to write to Home Secretary Amber Rudd Credit: PA

Hope Not Hate said they fear the concert will be moved to a different venue in Falkirk, with "hardcore neo-nazis" from across Europe expected to attend.

Earlier on Sunday, Scotland's Cabinet Secretary for Justice said he planned to write to Home Secretary Amber Rudd recommending she refuse entry of the band to the UK.

Michael Matheson said: "The best approach would be to refuse this band entry to the UK and I will be writing to the Home Secretary to ask that she consider this.

"There is no place for hatred of this kind in Scotland".

Hope Not Hate said in a statement on its website: "The Nazi gig in Falkirk has been cancelled. We have won".

The group cited adverse media attention and the likelihood the band would be refused entry to the UK as forcing the cancellation.

Police Scotland it would "not tolerate" groups inciting violence or hatred in the country.