Gunfire heard in Aleppo despite Russian ceasefire

Gunfire can still be heard in Aleppo despite Russia announcing a ceasefire in the Syrian city.

ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers, who is in Aleppo, says the ongoing battle offers "very little peace for people caught in the crossfire."

He added: "Despite Russia saying they were stopping air strikes there is still a fierce firefight going on behind me."

On Wednesday, an explosion in a busy marketplace in Jamilya, western Aleppo, killed four people and injured 19 others.

The injured included several children, including 12-year-old Shamil Nasrallah whose lungs had been punctured.

Dan Rivers recorded the Syrian city later that evening, in which loud gunfire can be heard piercing through the sky.

He said there was a "lot of shooting tonight. Listen to the bullet ping off a nearby building - just saw a tracer zipping past too."

On Tuesday, Russia announced a cessation of air raids in the city to allow insurgents to leave - in a bid to separate moderate fighters from extremist militants.

However this was rejected by Syrian rebels who said they would not "surrender".

Zakaria Malahifji, political officer of the Fastaqim group, said: "The factions completely reject any exit - this is surrender."