Aleppo Under Siege: ITV News reports from the city

ITV News has been in Aleppo covering the ongoing conflict in Syria and the devastating effect it has had on the besieged city.

Correspondent Dan Rivers, news editor Jonathan Wald and cameraman Dave Harman filed reports from Aleppo documenting the raging battle and its humanitarian effects, all of which can be viewed below.

When the team entered the city on Tuesday they found vast devastation which showed that although the siege is over, its affects will be felt for decades.

  • The journey into western Aleppo

ITV News was given permission to enter government-held western Aleppo, a journey that involves driving the length of the war-ravaged country, with rebels on one side and so-called Islamic State on the other.

Once inside the city, the team witnessed for the first time the relentless bombardment of eastern Aleppo that has become a normality.

  • On the frontline in Aleppo

The gunfire starts before sunrise in Aleppo and reaching the frontline involved travelling through the city's shattered splendour.

The Syrian Army lead us to the frontline and pointed out enemy positions.

We also met civilians who are living on the edge and are caught in the crossfire.

  • The children caught up in Syria's war

Up to 20% of the casualties at some hospitals in Aleppo are children, with the world seemingly unable to stop their suffering.

Many families have fled from east to west, but even there they cannot escape the war, while in the east conditions are worse.

  • Fighting continues despite 'ceasefire'

A planned pause in the fighting to allow civilians to cross from east to west descended into chaos as rebels continued to fight.

Buses laid on to ferry people across the frontline were not needed and rebel sniper fire and mortars sent civilians running in terror.